About the Maker


Hello! I am a wife and mother of two boys living in the Pacific Northwest. I'm a hairstylist at a wildly successful salon by day and a soaping enthusiast + maker by night. DRAKE + JAMES was born in my kitchen, out of a desperate quest for safe and soothing products for my eldest son who suffers from chronic eczema.

In my quest, I diligently researched the skin products and soaps we were using and voraciously soaked up every bit of information I could find on their ingredients and their potential harmful effects. This led me to begin the journey of making my own cold process soap in my home, but what I truly didn't anticipate was how I would fall insanely in love with the entire soap-making process. Each and every batch of soap I create is made with only safe + responsible ingredients, thoughtful formulation, and of course- love. I hope you enjoy these one-of-a-kind soaps as much as I've enjoyed making them!